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Fun-filled yoga adventure with music, games, props and stories, dedicated themes to preschool curriculum and holidays. Every class ends in relaxation! For Preschools, daycare centers, libraries and summer camps. Fun-filled yoga adventure,with music, games, props and stories.

For Preschools, and Elementary Schools. Optimizing athletic skills such as balance, flexibility, coordination and focus through yoga poses, breathing and Brain Gym movement.

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Throughout discussion, journaling, yoga practice, mindfulness techniques, Brain Gym movement and challenging poses, groups explore themes such as self-love, respect for others and oneself, compassion, self-esteem and healthy living. Fun filled yoga class full of partner poses for parents to enjoy quality time with their child.

Children’s yoga

Includes breathing techniques, music and games. Always ends in a relaxation for both parent and child. Mommy and Me Yoga is a class that you do with your child - with your child in your arms, on your tummy, lying by your side, crawling, walking or exploring the room as YOU practice. After birth, lower back, shoulders, neck and arms are taxed as you feed, hold and carry your baby around.

Our Yoga birthday parties are a lot of fun!

They include basic and challenging yoga poses, kid friendly breathing techniques, fun yoga games and always end in relaxation. A Birthday your child will never forget! See flyer here. I was sold. We introduced her program in our next session and it quickly sold out, and that was before the parents and children had an opportunity to even experience yoga with Ofrit. Once the word got out how good it was, I had waiting lists for the spots in the class.

I Love Yoga (Yoga for Kids) - AbeBooks - Mary Kaye Chryssicas:

In fact we now offer yoga 2 days a week so that everyone who wants a spot can get one. Ofrit is professional and engaging. I highly recommend her and her yoga classes to any and all who want a truly meaningful, fun experience for their children. They are so engaged and have learned so much in such a short time. Ofrit uses amazing music as well as wonderful stories to create the theme of our "practice". She also incorporates various themes that we are learning about in our classroom into our Yoga experience. The children love to work on new poses as well as practiced poses that they had been introduced to in previous classes.

They love the individual " shavasana " meditation time at the end of the class that she does with each child. She is just getting so much out of it and I love the pictures and tools she gets from it. Most recently she used yoga to calm down and recenter, after getting very upset. It really has been amazing to see how she has embraced it. I LOVE your updates and all of the wonderful things you are working on in the class with the kids.

ISBN 13: 9780756614003

I know that these are great tools that will help her every day. So thank you again! Receiving weekly pictures from Ofrit was exciting and showed us how much fun the girls had during theses classes. Every kid should have this amazing experience - highly recommended!! We are so grateful for your class!

Class Schedule

I try to teach him all these things at home, but it's so wonderful he gets it in another context and with his friends too! I can't wait till J is old enough to take your class too! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! After becoming a classroom teacher in , I began to introduce yoga in my classrooms and to fellow teachers at my various jobs as a middle and high school English teacher.

Thus my passion for offering yoga to toddlers, kids, and teens was born. Then, I got married and became a mom. While pregnant, I practiced yoga almost every day, which helped me tremendously in the labor and delivery of my two daughters. I soon learned that moms need yoga, community, and connection after giving birth. Yoga to me is love. Love and acceptance of self and others, mind, body, and spirit.

Kids Yoga (age 5-10)

This is what Love Yoga is all about. Growing your self love and acceptance, and then extending it out to your family, friends, and community. Suzy Aragon otherwise known as Tiny Dynamite…. She challenges the status quo, typically takes the path less traveled and is a rebel at heart. Suzy is a mama, yogi, nurse, healer, teacher and leader.

She is wickedly passionate about serving others and fiercely leads people to explore and discover their innate healing wisdom and power. Her yoga journey began in while attending nursing school and going through a difficult divorce. Getting on her mat did something to her body and mind that she did not understand at the time nor could she explain to anybody else. When she discovered Baptiste Yoga in it spoke even louder to her and she knew she had found something everlasting. Her love and passion for this practice only grew and in she attended her first Baptiste Yoga training and it literally rocked her world and everything she had known up to that point.

She has continued her yoga journey over the years by attending many trainings with the Baptiste institute and is a recent graduate of the Baptiste FIT to lead program. Suzy is also the co-founder of Evoke Energy Yoga which is a masterful creation born out of the heart and brains of herself and her bestie Brandy. The intention of this offering is to invite others to reclaim their power and to realize and remember their innate ability to heal themselves.

Suzy is also a practicing nurse working in a surgical department where she offers yoga and reiki to her patients and is working diligently towards creating a new paradigm in the way we approach health and healing. Recently, Suzy has also started Evoke Reiki- a private practice out of her home where she fuses reiki and yoga in order to spark the natural healing process within her clients.

Suzy is a lover of the sun and does her best work on her Yoga mat and paddle board- which is really just a mat on water. Board meeting anyone For your passion will lead you right into your purpose. Sharon, a Flathead Valley native, fell into the alternative healthcare field in her early 20s and found great purpose in helping people achieve pain free living. She decided to obtain her associates degree as a physical therapist assistant at FVCC in and it was during this grueling and demanding period she found yoga.

As so many do, Sharon first began yoga to stretch and combat the long sitting hours in college. The higher effects of yoga didn't take long to sink in. During that time she was immersed in anatomy and physiology and the coupling of yoga was incredibly logical on a more functional level. She began to use yoga as a form of physical therapy to combat her own daily aches and pains, experimenting with movements, breathing, balance, and strength.

After graduating in she moved around for many years practicing and learning in as many places as she could. In she took her teacher training through Camp Utopia Yoga, an alignment and functional based training, in Denver and Costa Rica. Combining the continuing education of evidence based physical therapy with the ancient philosophy of yoga, she teaches both intense power classes and a more therapeutic class designed for living without pain.

When not in class you can find Sharon living the NW MT life in the mountains, on a river, on a bike, SUP, kayak, skis, or simply drinking coffee and soaking up the view from home. She's absolutely thrilled to be a part of Love Yoga and to share her passion and purpose with the community.