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Partial core dumps, which are now on by default.

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It is now possible to avoid dumping tuples at all during core dump. Data definition statements, such as create or alter index, which do not yield, can now be used in a transaction. This in practice includes all statements except creating an index on a non-empty space, or changing a format on a non-empty space. Allow to call box. The drawback is that now every memtx-tree tuple consumes extra 8 bytes for a search hint.

Engines Indexes of memtx spaces are now built in background fibers.

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This means that we do not block the event loop during index build anymore. Replication applier now can apply transactions which were concurrent on the master concurrently on replica. Transaction boundaries introduced to replication protocol. This means that Tarantool replication is now transaction-safe, and also reduces load on replica write ahead log in case the master uses a lot of multi-statement transactions. Tuple access by field name for net. New function utime introduced to the fio module. Merger for tuples streams added.

This is the first stable release in the 2.

SQL box. It now works just like netbox. SQL Type system was significantly refactored. However, there are cases where SQL semantics is too complex. This logic is implemented by preventive tuple deletion from all corresponding indexes in SQL. It was stored as scalar before, which made comarisons slow. SQL It is now possible to define a constraint within column definition.

Server In case of out of space event, Tarantool is now allowed to delete backup WAL files not needed for recovery from the last checkpoint.

Pro SQL Server 2005 Integration Services

Server string. It may be set before the first call to box. To set the trigger, say:. Server A new option for the snapshot daemon, box. Server New types of privileges — to create, alter and drop space — were introduced. In order to create, drop or alter space or index, you should have a corresponding privilege. Notice the incompatible change: Tarantool 1. These privileges are no longer sufficient in 2. To remedy the problem, Tarantool 2. Collaborate and stay connected with Office While all of these tools enable great self-service BI, asking business users to work within a BI silo significantly decreases the potential value of their data to the entire organization.

BI users can access and receive live updates on their reports through their browser with HTML5 or through a mobile application designed for their device. Enable organizations to extend their existing investments for their on premise data warehouses and operational systems as well as cloud based data sources and Hadoop clusters to create powerful, trusted and easy to use self-service BI solutions that can also monitor employee data access and usage.

Microsoft is uniquely positioned to deliver this solution, which we believe outpaces the rest of the market, in two ways. Connected Platform: While some vendors offer self-service BI and visualization tools, we are the only vendor that delivers a complete data platform of connected technologies from relational data warehouses like SQL Server to big data stores like HDInsight to end user productivity tools like Office, to enable rapid insights from any data structured or unstructured , in the tools that they know and love.

This allows businesses to leverage internal and external data in a safe environment, increasing collaboration around data insights. Once in Analysis Services, you can sanction the application for broad use and publish it as a full corporate-grade solution for adoption across the organization. Analysis Services Simplify the deployment of one common BI model for all end user experiences, whether reporting, analytics, scorecards, dashboards, and custom applications.

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BI Semantic Model Trust the credibility and consistency of data to reliably make critical business decisions using a portfolio of Enterprise Integration Management EIM solutions in SQL Server Data Quality Services, Integration Services, Master Data Services Provide a central data hub that ensures the integrity of information and consistency of data is constant across different applications, and that end users can manage their own data with IT oversight.

Finally one key reason we believe we offer a unique value proposition when it comes to building hybrid cloud solutions is our Cloud OS strategy of ensure a great and consistent experience no matter where you are running your data platform with a common set of tools across the entire application lifecycle. Flavorus is an online event ticketing company and the business challenge they faced was dealing a massively variable demand for example when a big ticket event goes on sale verse day to day sales.

They wanted a cost effective solution to deal with the massively variable demand. They created a web server that load balanced two instances of their event ticketing online application. What SQL Database service allowed they to do is scale out the database on demand during peak demand capture as many users during the opening of big ticket event sales using Federations capability. The benefits of this solution for Flavorus was they were able to process , ticket sales in 10 seconds verses only a few thousand in the same amount to time previously.

This faster throughput also mean increased revenue as they could tackle larger events and finally with they hybrid approach they were also able to manage regulatory compliance around PII data. Lets take a look at the first hybrid scenario enabled, which is the ability to backup your on-premises database to Windows Azure and do this in an easy and efficient manner. You can enable policy based backup directly to Azure Storage and all you need is the URL and storage key. The backup is policy based and at an instance level meaning all of your databases within the instance follow the policy set and the backup can be implemented both manually or automated.

In addition you gain the benefits of Windows Azure storage which offers Geo Replication that replicates the backups stored in multiple datacenters so you have even better DR for your backups. Also in the case of an on-premises failure you can restore the backups in Windows Azure Virtual Machines. As soon as a transaction is committed on-premises it is sent asynchronously to the Windows Azure replica. We still recommend you keep your synchronous replica on-premises, but by having the additional replicas in Windows Azure again you gain improved DR and can reduce your CAPEX and OPEX costs of physically maintiaing additional hardware in additional data centers.

Also the replicas in Azure can be efficiently utilized to take care of read functionality like BI reporting or also utilized for doing backups, speeding up the backup to Azure process as the secondary is in Azure already. Finally you can create additional hybrid application scenarios by extending your on-premises applications to Windows Azure, much like Flavorus did to gain scale on demand in a cost effective manner.

For example a physical retailer could use their on-premises SQL Server and supporting infrastructure to continue to serve their physical retail transactions and utilize cloud Windows Azure infrastructure services to support online sales.

Уникальное решение для построения ЦОД - сервера & сеть от Cisco.

In this example scenario the on-premise domain controller is being utilized to authenticate all users both on-premises and cloud and it is using a secure VPN tunnel to connect with the cloud instances. So for example you may choose to update your on-premises data warehouse once you have sold an item in the cloud to deplete inventory.

In addition you have full control over the VM so if you want to put your coroporate anti-virus on the VM you can. The SQL Database service also has unique cloud features like dynamic scalability of the database using Federations like Flavorus did to achieve their business goals.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Professional

This is where we see cloud applications doing fast development, less maintenance and faster time to market. This can lead to unpredictable performance. This might offer you a better swimming experience. This premium offer is ideal modern business apps that require, sustained resource demand imagine on-demand video services that need to serve up popular content like a series premier , many concurrent request example would be supporting ticket sales for a major artists where an arena sells out in 3 minutes , or predictable latency when your app can only require a certain amount of lag to deliver content.

The limited preview for the new Premium offer will come online in a few weeks. Existing Azure customers will receive an notification when the preview is ready. In order to try the preview, become a SQL Database customer paid to get ready! Deliver a solution that seamlessly integrates with self-service BI tools Microsoft is thinking about delivering business value to the end user. This is encompassed in our self-service BI tools that were designed specifically for the end users in familiar tools like Excel.

Every vendor is rushing to get either something that can move Hadoop data into their data warehouse or do analysis directly on Hadoop itself. Microsoft is designing our system to have a single query model that will seamlessly access both Hadoop and the relational data warehouse with the same SQL.

This allows your BI tools to do this type of analysis and your end users the ability to do this without IT pre-loading the data from Hadoop into the warehouse first. This is done through PolyBase 3.

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With SQL Server PDW, we want to change this perception of Microsoft forever by bringing to bear a tier one, mission-critical enterprise data warehouse that has near-linear scale out, has 24x7 availability, and can execute queries with in-memory technologies. Deliver solution on-premise software, reference architecture, appliance or on-demand Microsoft is releasing plans across Appliance, Box, and Cloud delivering Data Warehousing across all vehicles.

Be the vendor that leads in value functionality at the lowest cost As you look at other vendor appliances offering, we still see a premium price. Microsoft is well-known to enter a market with a great product offering at a price that is dramatically lower to acquire than the market.

Улучшения Оптимизатора Запросов в SQL Server 2017

This is the same strategy we will be taking with our appliances by providing industry leadership for acquiring our offering. How we do this is through a combination of having the right price with major innovations to the software that drove lower hardware requirements. Finally a single vendor to for support, which in hybrid scenarios we discussed earlier is critical so that you can quickly pin point any issues whether they reside on on-premises or cloud.

It provides innovation in-memory technologies across all database workloads to deliver mission critical performance, a rich and complete BI stack to help you gain faster insights from any data type and a platform for hybrid cloud that will benefit your on-premise SQL server applications as well as new cloud database applications.

Spend about minutes here comparing features by edition. There no need to present everything in the notes below. Support for compliance Easily manage permissions around data access including user-defined server roles to support separation of duties and contained database authentication. Help increase manageability and decrease complexity of database schema through new default schema for groups that allows a default database schema for Windows group user accounts.

Reporting and analytics Support for multi-dimensional models allows IT to build business logic with Reporting Services. Report Builder 3. Added support for Windows PowerShell 2. Improvements to full-text indexing yield better performance and search functionality. Statistical semantic search technology supports automatic concept extraction and innovative key phrase search options.