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Sign In. Search Cart. Search for:. The Mother Knot. Book Pages: Illustrations: Published: August Originally published in , The Mother Knot is a feminist classic, as relevant today as it was twenty years ago. Availability: In stock.

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    The Celtic symbol for motherhood replaces the heart within the Claddah symbol. If you are considering their names, the design may have to be much larger than the simpler designs. The Celtic knot is in the style of a rope with three flowers for each child.

    Instead of dots, color each section like stained glass — love this idea. This is a larger tattoo as you can see it fits down her entire thigh, a combination of a motherhood Celtic knot and key to her heart. Incorporating the symbols of her Irish heritage — Celtic heart knot, a dot for each child and shamrocks.


    Love the halo over the dot honoring a little one who has gone to heaven. With the deep amount of heritage and symbolism the Celtic Motherhood Knot conveys, it is easy to see why this design is so popular among moms of Celtic and non-Celtic heritage. This beautiful tattoo is sure to capture the eye and signify the love for your child is forever.

    Tags: celtic tattoos , tattoos. Op de site van Inkedweddings staan veel meer voorbeelden van Keltische knoop […].

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    Did Brie get an answer to her question about a tattoo to honor your mother. My mother just passed away and I want a Mom symbol to honor her. Maureen, My sincerest condolences for your loss of your Mom. Danielle responded to Brie how she was going to use the celtic motherhood knot to represent her mother.

    I would recommend getting a tattoo which is meaningful for you and that reminds you of your mother. If she had a favorite flower, a lyric to a song she used to sing, or perhaps a line from a poem. Since tattoos are very personal, it would be different for everyone. I am going to get the motherhood knot soon to represent my mother and I.

    The base of the tattoo to me is symbolic of me and my mother and any additional dots or symbols will be added as I have children to represent them. Email Address. August 4, at am.

    True Umbilical Cord Knot Leading to Fetal Demise

    June 30, at pm. May 11, at am. Maureen says:. April 2, at am. Erica says:. April 2, at pm.