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His investigations have taken him from intimate discussions with physicist David Bohm to the magical and mysterious jungles of Peru, from master classes with Nobel Laureate Richard Feynman to the high deserts of Mexico, from a significant meeting with Werner Heisenberg to the hot coals of a firewalk. Wolf is best known for his contributions through technical papers and popular books, but he is frequently in demand as a lecturer, keynote speaker, and consultant to industry and the media.

Former professor of physics at San Diego State University for twelve years, Dr Wolf lectures, researches, and teaches worldwide. Dr Wolf has also appeared as the resident physicist on The Discovery Channel's The Know Zone and on many radio talk shows and television shows across the United States and abroad. The main message of the film is simple: You affect reality by using your mind whilst observing it.

The film tackles some of life's biggest questions, without really answering them: Where have we been? Why are we here? Where are we going? It's a quirky film that draws parallels between the mysteries of quantum physics-a mind-expanding field whose findings suggest many so-called laws of science are a lot less materialistic than we once thought-and some of humankind's most vexing spiritual queries. What seems to happen, I think, is that people have gotten disillusioned because of the media, for one thing.

Because of the kind of films and things that they've been seeing -- and the news has been so disillusioning. I think after awhile people just reach a point and say, "What's the point of living? It's a spiritual movie, and I think that's what got people moving. In brief, it's OK to feel good and spiritual at the same time! A spiritual hunger has been in existence in our country for as long as we have had a country.

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Modern religions in their attempt to stay afloat and be in the mainstream have neglected the spiritual component of religion. There isn't much in the way of traditional spirituality for the folks that adore this film. Now there may be people that go to churches, and I assume there may be quite a few of them who have never seen the movie and yet get some sort of spiritual uplift from Billie Graham or their local pastor and feel that's enough for them.

But for a sizable minority of what I would call intellectually stimulated people that type of spirituality is not quite enough.

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They have questions, they want to know how does this work, and why does God do things this way and not that way, and I think that is the kind of audience the movie is made for and that is who it attracted. Do you regard the disciplines of quantum physics and mysticism as being convergent or divergent in interpreting reality? The can be seen to be both divergent and convergent at the same time!

Let me give you the long explanation. Quantum Physics was invented at the turn of the twentieth century when Max Planck, a German physicist came up with a solution to a problem that was connected with how energy gets radiated away from atoms. For example, the radiation that we see coming from the sun or coming from an incandescent bulb-how did that radiation travel? Did it travel as a wavy wave, like if you were dropping a stone in a pond?

Or did it travel in little bundles like when somebody fires a gun and bullets fly out, or someone uses a spitball machine? They suspected that it was wavy, because all of the experimentation dealing with color and energy at that time was pretty much on the basis of waves.

The industrial age was just getting going and people were beginning to think about using steel and melted iron and wanted to be able to predict how hot the temperature of steel was. They wanted to be able to look at the color and determine what was going on. So physicists were looking at the spectrum, the different colors that come off, and the then current theory just simply said that the spectrum should look a certain way.

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What they actually observed was something radically different from what they predicted. And Max Planck said 'suppose the energy comes off in little bundles of energy rather than this continuous wave. When people heard about it, they weren't terribly excited. They'd seen "fudge factors" before and they thought this was just another one. Well, by Albert Einstein was able to use this "fudge factor" to successfully predict what would happen when light energy was shined on cold surfaces of metals.

He predicted that the metals would give off electrons in exactly the way they were observed.

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This is known as the photoelectric effect. So suddenly people were beginning to pay attention, and the term quantum, meaning a whole amount of, became part of the language. It developed slowly. It wasn't like everybody just jumped in and said this was Quantum Physics. In doing quantum physics we had to begin to look at not only a possible way that objects were behaving but of all the possible ways that an object could behave. Specifically, for example, if an object goes from A to B. In the normal way of thinking of things we think of it following a path - a trajectory, like a straight line or a curve.

If you hit a baseball it follows a curved line, if you throw a ball it follows a kind of parabolic arch, when you play football for example. We can understand those kinds of things. The quantum way of describing it is that when you throw the ball it follows every possible path you can even conceive of to get from A to B, and you had to take all those paths into account.

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So there was a question of the difference between what things are doing when you're not looking or observing or measuring and what things are doing when you are looking or measuring. Observation or measurement implies an observer or somebody with intelligence or a mind capable of discerning and thereby getting an impression or a perception of things. And that is what actually makes something go from anything possible to something actual that you do observe. In other words observation must be the creator of reality.

An interview with Captain Quantum: Fred Alan Wolf

This popularized the idea that "you create your own reality," and that quantum physics and consciousness are related. This gets spiritual when you consider who or what the ultimate observer can be. What is your opinion of the teachings of Ramtha as expressed in the movie? Knight was funny and mind blowing. Many people may feel uncomfortable with the idea that Ramtha is a spirit that takes over the mind of J.

Knight and, as a result, may feel that whatever this entity says is not to be trusted. Yet those same people will trust whatever the federal government says it true in the "out there" world or believe what they read in the newspaper. I like what Ramtha has to say because the ideas are inspiring people to think and act for themselves and not just believe what they read or hear.

Paradoxically Ramtha through the means chosen by being represented as a spiritual teacher from thousands of years in the past, which is certainly hard to believe, has awakened people to understanding reality. I find this very funny.

Could you explain the idea explored in the film that each of us has the potential to affect the world directly, at its most fundamental level, through the power of our own consciousness. Well, it can. It doesn't have to, and it's not necessary that it would, but it can have that effect.

The Yoga of Time Travel - How the Mind Can Defeat Time

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